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We Appreciate Our Customers
Reform of the Flood Insurance Reform
Insurance for your Domestic Employees
Insurance by Allied Brokers on Palo Alto Weekly
Do you trust your Bookkeeper?
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New Flood Insurance - 1/2 PRICE - No Elevation Certificate!
Common Business Property Insurance Gaps
Flood Insurance – Postponement is not a Solution
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Alumni Discount

If you haven't already heard Allied Insurance and Mercury recently launched our new discount group for College Alumni.

Qualified policyholders will receive a 12.5% rating factor discount for being an Alumni of an accredited 4 year college or university. Please send us a copy of your diploma or other proof of graduation to receive this discount.

This discount is also available for MERCURY and CALIFORNIA AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE CLIENTS.
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Welcome to Insurance by Allied Brokers'
April 2014 Newsletter!
Client of the Month

Tony Biblac
Tarragon Restaurant

140 South Murphy Ave  |  Sunnyvale, CA 94086
P: 408-737-8003  |  Email Us  |  Visit Website

Tarragon Restaurant has been a classic in Sunnyvale for past 15 years.Specializing in corporate events, special occasions and we have a full service banquet facility. No matter what the occasion Tarragon is here to serve you. It may just be a dinner for two or a corporate dinner of 16 we have the space and service.

Nestled on South Murphy Avenue in Historic downtown Sunnyvale lays an ever-rising star on the South Bay restaurant scene. Tarragon Restaurant has already earned critical acclaim, from top Bay Area critics and the community.

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Customer Appreciation Drawing for FREE Tickets

You have supported us all these years and we want to say thanks by offering you a chance to win a pair of 'Club Level' Giants tickets.

March 2014 Winner (from 129 client respondents) for a pair of FREE tickets to Giants Game

John Onken

This month's drawing is for FREE tickets to a Giants Game!

This Month's Video for Giants Fans!

A Junior Giant gets a little confused and needs assistance from an umpire and Angel Pagan

see video here...


Reform of the Flood Insurance Reform
We have the cure for the government run flood program: New half price private flood insurance with no elevation Certificate required. Call us for eligibility and options.

Reform of the flood insurance reform is coming. The bill allows for eighteen months for the implementation of the new plan. The 7/12 plan just got started 10/13, so expect the same results.

Possible highlights of the new plan:

• Rebates for flood insurance customers who got big rate
• $1,000 elevation certificate requirement waived or delayed
  for some people.
• Grandfathering allowed.
• Buyer can assume seller’s cheaper policy.
• A CAP on annual increases of fifteen to eighteen percent instead
  of twenty to twenty-five percent.
• Delays or slowing of rate increases.

read complete article...

Insurance for your Domestic Employees
Homeowners are at risk of being sued or made responsible for workers compensation and withholding payroll taxes anytime they hire a Nanny, cook, gardener, cleaning lady, handyman, caregivers, artisans, contractors and their subcontractors and employees;

Do you have insurance if they get injured on the job or sue you?

There are 3 main insurance risks, they are;

• workers compensation, a work related injury
• general liability, your dog bites them
• personal injury, wrongful termination or discrimination

read complete article...

Insurance by Allied Brokers on Palo Alto Weekly
Carlos Guerra of Insurance by Allied Brokers was interviewed on April 18, 2014

New flood-insurance laws hang premiums out to dry

Rapidly rising costs drive homeowners to seek exemptions

Changes in flood-insurance laws may help assuage some anxieties faced by Palo Alto homeowners, as the federal Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014 amends policies that forced many homeowners to pay skyrocketing premiums.

In recent years, homeowners took measures to avoid paying the costly flood-insurance rates under the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012, like applying for Letters of Map Amendments (LOMAs), which exempt properties within a high-risk zone from mandatory flood insurance. Last month's legislation will bring relief to residents located in high-risk areas, where flood insurance is required by law, by repealing the termination of grandfather policies and reinstating caps on premium increase rates. Despite these changes, many homeowners still have their heads under water. read complete article...


Do you trust your Bookkeeper?
Does your business insurance have enough coverage for employee dishonesty?

Most policies cover a trivial amount automatically of $20,000 or less. Its extremely inexpensive to add $200,000 or more. Stories like this are commonplace locally. The crooks are almost always caught after years of stealing and all the moneys gone. Think of Frys electronics millions stolen recently. Rogers Reynolds nursery was put out of business by an embezzler. Countless other examples of victims bilked by people they trusted.

If you are on the board of directors of a homeowners association or a commercial condo association you better make sure you have enough coverage to cover the total reserves in the associations bank account. We have just reviewed 2 clients recently that have 0-$50,000 when they should have $250,000. As a board member you can be held liable for this oversite.

Call Carlos or Mimi at Insurance by Allied Brokers (650-328-1000) for a free insurance review.

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Insurance by Allied Brokers has been meeting the insurance needs of Bay Area individuals, professionals and businesses for over 50 years. Our clients depend on us to provide them the best insurance options and the most cost effective coverage. Because we represent the leading insurance companies in the nation, we can find the right insurance solution for every client and every contingency. We focus on giving you the right policy at the right price, so that you can focus on your life and your business.

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