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Do you trust your bookkeeper?
Flood Insurance Update
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New Flood Insurance - 1/2 PRICE - No Elevation Certificate!
Common Business Property Insurance Gaps
Flood Insurance – Postponement is not a Solution
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Alumni Discount

If you haven't already heard Allied Insurance and Mercury recently launched our new discount group for College Alumni.

Qualified policyholders will receive a 12.5% rating factor discount for being an Alumni of an accredited 4 year college or university. Please send us a copy of your diploma or other proof of graduation to receive this discount.

This discount is also available for MERCURY and CALIFORNIA AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE CLIENTS.
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May 2014 Newsletter!
Client of the Month
Joel Spolin
Founder & President, SpoLoan

Palo Alto's Premier Mortgage Banker

2600 El Camino Real, #201
Palo Alto, CA 94306

CALL NOW: (650) 529-4700  |  Email Us  |  Visit Website

What we do? We search over 50 different mortgage lenders to find you the best possible loan and those lenders pay us a fee to bring the loan to them. Just like how Expedia works.

Joel Spolin, noted among the nation's top mortgage bankers by Mortgage Originator Magazine, is one of Palo Alto's most well-known names in residential and commercial loans. Get the approval you need today.

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Customer Appreciation Drawing for FREE Tickets

You have supported us all these years and we want to say thanks by offering you a chance to win a pair of 'Club Level' Giants tickets.

April 2014 Winner (from 153 client respondents) for a pair of FREE tickets to Giants Game

Alan W Young

This month's drawing is for FREE tickets to a Giants Game!

Fan with autism throws out the first pitch,
gives Romo a bear hug!

Charlie Hughes throws out the first pitch on Autism Awareness Night at AT&T Park then and gives Sergio Romo a big hug. more...


Do you trust your bookkeeper?
Does your small business or home owners association policy have Employee dishonesty coverage? Most policies include a token amount of coverage. Make sure you have enough insurance for your business to survive an embezzlers theft. Almost every day you can read an article about some businesses bookkeeper getting caught stealing money from their employer, ususally over a long period of time.

American Greed on CNBC has a weekly series on the Madoff’s and Stanford’s of this world of crime. According to the ACFE employee dishonesty causes up to $400 Billion in losses. But every day smaller thefts are taking place. For a few hundred dollars you can buy $250,000 of coverage to protect yourself.

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Flood Insurance Update
The July 2012 Biggert/Waters Flood Reform was modified by Congress in March 2014 with new rules and rates effective May 1, 2014.

This will reduce the size of flood insurance rate increases to an 18% per year maximum.

It will also remove the requirement for an elevation certificate for most homes.

The legislation only affects the government run F.E.M.A. national flood insurance program.

We have a new private flood insurance company that will offer qualifying homeowners flood insurance at up to 50% lower rates with no elevation certificate required.

Call us for a quote now at (650) 328-1000.

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About Us
Insurance by Allied Brokers has been meeting the insurance needs of Bay Area individuals, professionals and businesses for over 50 years. Our clients depend on us to provide them the best insurance options and the most cost effective coverage. Because we represent the leading insurance companies in the nation, we can find the right insurance solution for every client and every contingency. We focus on giving you the right policy at the right price, so that you can focus on your life and your business.

Visit our website at to see what we can do for you. The 'Contact Us' page provides all the information you need to reach us. Or call toll free at 1-888-505-7988.

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