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Want free health insurance? Not so fast!
Not having Health Insurance gets more costly, with penalties
Pao's trial may lead to more discrimination lawsuits
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Nationwide - Allied Auto Rate Change

Nationwide Allied Auto Rate increase w.e.f. 4-20-15. 1% statewide average. Almost everyone will be affected due to this change. 27% will see rates drop and less than 2% will go up over 5%. If your rate goes up too much, call us for a free review with different companies we offer. Other ways to save are, to place your home and auto together or new occupational discounts.
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Welcome to Insurance by Allied Brokers'
March 2015 Newsletter!
Client of the Month
Sarah Lipps
Owner, BARE Bowls
Handcrafted Acai Bowls

530 Emerson St
Palo Alto, CA 94301

BARE Bowls is downtown Palo Alto's first acai bowl and health food eatery specializing in pure acaĆ­ bowls and real food blends, that taste ahhh-sigh-eee-UM (our way of saying awesome!)

At BARE, you can expect us to: serve premium, handcrafted products—that means no added sweetener, syrup, hydrogenated oil, sorbet, or fruit juice—not even sweetened acai; passionately craft healthy, TASTY, and nutritious food for our customers; continuously work hard to live by our heartfelt mission: Live Generously, GO BARE.

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February 2015 Winner (from 111 client respondents) for a pair of FREE tickets to Sharks Game

Richard Patrone

This month's drawing is for FREE tickets to a Giants Game!

Want free health insurance? Not so fast!
If your income was higher than stated the IRS will want its money back. When you file your federal tax returns watch out.

Some people opted out of their group health insurance in favor of free Obama Care. They did so because the employer's plan made them contribute some of the premium. As much as 50% for the employee and 100% for dependents.

Big mistake! If you were eligible for your employer's plan and opted out you are not eligible for a subsidy. You will owe 100% of the subsidy to the IRS.

Not having Health Insurance gets more costly
Not having Health insurance has always been a risk given the increasing incidences of disease and accidents. The Obama administration has taken the initiative to nudge people to get a health plan by levying fines and penalties to those who lack a plan. In 2014, the fine was either $95 per person or 1% of household income above the threshold for filing taxes, whichever is higher. In 2015, it is - 2% of income or $325, whichever is higher. By 2016, the average fine will be about $1,100, based on government's calculations. 15 February was the last day for open enrollment under the health law. After this date, only people with special circumstances can sign up for a health plan, while those who lack a health plan must play the penalties involved.

Pao's trial may lead to more discrimination lawsuits
With the final arguments in Ellen Pao's gender discrimination lawsuit against venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins coming Tuesday, there's no question that gender disparity in Silicon Valley is now in the spotlight.

Industry insiders and attorneys are mixed on whether the suit will have a chilling effect on hiring women-prompted by fears that hiring women carries more risk of lawsuits-or whether it's having a positive effect by starting a long-needed dialog around gender inequality in Silicon Valley.

Business owners basic insurance policy excludes employment practices liability. We can place a policy for you to protect against the legal cost and damages from a disgruntled employee starting at $2500 a year. Win lose or draw this type of lawsuit can crush a business with legal costs. An employee can file a bogus or real claim against you at no cost through the state that can take up to a year to resolve. Don't let this happen to you, call Allied Brokers.

About Us
Insurance by Allied Brokers has been meeting the insurance needs of Bay Area individuals, professionals and businesses for over 50 years. Our clients depend on us to provide them the best insurance options and the most cost effective coverage. Because we represent the leading insurance companies in the nation, we can find the right insurance solution for every client and every contingency. We focus on giving you the right policy at the right price, so that you can focus on your life and your business.

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