Why your Business Auto Policy is Going Up!

Big rate increases are coming due to the increase of claims. Call us 650-328-1000 for ways to save money!
More miles driven - 3.2 trillion in 2016 - 5th straight yearly increase

Distracted driving - 27% of crashes due to texting or talking on cellphones

Higher medical costs - 4.6 million roadway users needing medical care in 2016 - up 7%

Rising auto body repair costs - Up 17% for the decade ending in 2015

What you can do to help drive your business toward safety.

Your efforts to keep your company's vehicles and drivers safe can impact your ability to minimize fleet-related losses and keep your insurance premiums under control. You can help your business realize these goals when you:

Establish and communicate your rules of the road.

Five essential components of any driver safety program are:
• A comprehensive driver's handbook
• A healthy, supportive business environment
• Sound driver management practices
• Job-appropriate vehicle management
• Prompt incident reporting and analysis

Make sure you're hiring qualified drivers.
Once you establish your company's dividing line between acceptable and unacceptable driving history, use motor vehicle records (MVRs) to check drivers' past moving violations and police-reported collisions.

Use training to reinforce safe-driving behaviors.
Design your driver training to fit the needs and exposures presented in your operations. For example, if relevant to your region, instruction on driving in snow and ice may be appropriate.

Implement a distracted driving policy as part of your driver safety program.
Because the use of hand-held and hands-free mobile devices poses a significant safety risk, hold your employees accountable by implementing policies requiring them to stay focused on their driving duties at all times. We offer a sample mobile device policy to get you started.

Make routine follow-ups a part of your plan.
Check in with drivers regularly to ensure they're following your policies and procedures. Scheduling ride-alongs or installing telematics technology can help alert you to habits that may need correcting.

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We're here to help you and your drivers stay focused.

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