Cyber Liability
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2017 will be a good year and I know you all want to start off with a peace of mind so, we are rolling out a new program to protect that will protect your business

You chose the technology business - or maybe technology chose you. Your business lives and dies based on the freedom to innovate at the cutting edge of tech, building it better than your rivals and getting it to market faster than the competition. You have the vision, passion and tenacity to turn bold ideas into innovative solutions. Sometimes though - despite your planning, investment and effort- a client claims your work or work product failed to meet expectations. You may think your Business Owners Policy (BOP) or General Liability policy protects you from claims or lawsuits seeking damages due to financial loss caused by an error, omission or negligent act. It won't - but there are solutions that will help protect you.

Please feel free to contact our commercial team for more information or be on the lookout for a call in the next couple of weeks to remind you that the coverage is not only necessary but needed in today's world.

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