Collect Classic Cars? Here’s What You Need to Know About Insurance Coverage

Allied Brokers Insurance Agency Inc.: Your Reliable Provider for Classic Car Insurance

At Allied Brokers Insurance Agency Inc., located in the heart of Palo Alto, CA, we specialize in offering insurance solutions for classic automobiles. We understand the immense pride and joy represented by your vintage, exotic, or classic auto collection, and we make it our mission to protect them through robust insurance coverage against potential threats like accidents, theft, and other perils.

Key Components of Classic Auto Insurance

Classic car insurance stands distinct with a host of customizable options catering to the make, model, auto type, vehicle age, and usage. An especially critical factor is ensuring your chosen policy offers agreed-value coverage. This feature secures your classic car by guaranteeing the full replacement cost, regardless of devaluations like Blue Book Value estimates. It ensures compensation for incidents like fires, theft, and accidents based on the actual cash value agreed during policy purchase.

Classic car insurance also offers incredibly beneficial add-ons. For instance, spare parts coverage allows for the procurement of parts for restoring vehicles. Further, these policies can also cover damages incurred during the restoration process.

What Coverage Do Classic Autos and Collections Require?

Classic auto coverage differs slightly from standard auto insurance due to a few unique features. The typical mandatory requirements include:

  • Agreed Value Coverage
  • Liability Insurance
  • Collision Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Medical coverage
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist protection

Want Superior Coverage For Your Amazing Collection?

Antique car collection is a significant investment of time and money. It necessitates a policy exceeding traditional insurance options. Converse with one of our Allied Brokers Insurance Agency Inc. agents in Palo Alto, CA, to create coverage that’s immaculately tailored to suit your specific needs. Get a customized quote for your outstanding collection today.

Yes, Your Classic Car Needs Special Insurance

If you’re a classic car enthusiast living in Palo Alto, CA or the surrounding area, you can count on the team at Allied Brokers Insurance Agency Inc. We’re proud to serve our community’s insurance needs and look forward to working with you too!

Insure Your Classic Car With a Special Policy

Classic cars require a different type of insurance coverage than a typical auto insurance policy. Regardless of how often you drive it, whether it’s a vintage or kit car, any type of car that’s considered a collector’s item requires special insurance. There are other factors that will impact the type and level of insurance you need.

One of the main ones is how often and how far you drive the vehicle. If you take it out for a Sunday drive, your insurance needs will be different from the driver who regularly attends car shows and drives their classic car almost daily. Where and how you store your car will also have an effect on your insurance. 

If you have an off-site temperature-controlled and secure storage unit where you keep your classic car, your insurance needs will be different from someone who keeps their classic car outside their home. Your local insurance agent will be able to review the way you use your vehicle with you to determine your insurance needs. Now’s an ideal time to review your current policy and make sure that you have the protection you need for your classic car.

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