Fill in the Gaps with Umbrella Insurance

Does your auto insurance offer all the protection you need? Does your home insurance policy cover all the common and the unexpected "what if" scenarios? The truth is, everyone could probably use a little more insurance to fill in the gaps, and at the Allied Brokers Insurance Agency Inc., we offer umbrella insurance policies to help residents in and around Palo Alto, CA cover those gaps.

Fill in the Gaps with Umbrella Insurance

Your auto insurance policy has set coverage limits, and your home insurance provides coverage for a range of common issues, but what happens when a car accident exceeds those limits or uncommon issues of liability (dog bite, personal injury, etc.) occur? 

Those questions are also what lead to the need for umbrella insurance. Can umbrella insurance better protect your home and family? How do you know?

Do You Need Umbrella Insurance? Here’s How to Find Out

Arguably, the most important question regarding umbrella insurance is if you need it, or in other words, would umbrella insurance benefit you, your family, and your home? To determine that requires evaluating various aspects of your current and future situation and status. 

Do you own dogs? Do you have a swimming pool, children, or rental properties? Do you have a lucrative income? These are a few of the many considerations a good agent will weigh when helping you determine your needs and or how much insurance to get.

Your Umbrella Insurance Expert

If you live in the Palo Alto, CA area and are considering umbrella insurance or have questions regarding how it works, the experienced and professional team at Allied Brokers Insurance Agency Inc. can offer expertise for all your umbrella insurance questions and needs. Contact us to find out more, and let us show you how umbrella insurance could benefit you today.